Cherrell Goines



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Who Am I

My educational background, business experience and business birthing stories are extensive. However, those alone don't define my value. When I started, I had no funding and I knew very little. What makes me a very powerful mentor and business owner is my endurance and perseverance. These two very powerful tools have been keys to so many victories won. My mission is to impart these attributes, build a solid foundation for your business and assist you in building your business with purpose.

Exploring who you are,  what you do, who you will do this for, how  you will do this and why.

Explore business names, create business cards, logos and website building.

Select your legal entity, file your DBA, obtain any necessary licensing, build your business plan

Promote your business, build clientele, maintain clientele, social media marketing, referral programs and more




& Advertise


One on one consultation calls designed to identify and heavily focus on weak areas in your business.

TAX Education

Tax filing, deadlines, paying your taxes and more.


When to hire, how to delegate, how to interview and more.

Financial ed

Business funding, business credit, and personal credit.

Join Us

MENTORSHIP is a commitment. It is so much more than booking an informational course and requires relationship, and trust. While those things do take time to build, I believe, this application process along with proper consultation will help us both make the very best decision for you and your business. Click the "apply now" button below to get started.